Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your own private catalog

Library Thing seems like De li cious except that it is for books. If you had a large home library it could be the catalog to your library. It would also remind you of books you have read on a subject or that you want to read. The social bookmarking aspect of it might be a good way to meet people with your taste in books and to start a discussion with them. It seems like a good resource for book lovers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RSS Feeds

I actually found finding and subscribing to RSS feeds on Bloglines easy to do. But Feedster seems to be defunct. I found some interesting websites on Brazil (where I lived for two years) and on Latin American news in general (I used to be a professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Kansas). I also found a blog on cats. I mostly subscribed to news and book review feeds. I doubt if I will have time to read from all these blogs but I see the value in it as it is a good way to keep up on the news.

Info Tech Overload

At the moment I am a little overwhelmed with new programs to get accustomed to at the library where I am doing an internship (TCNJ Library)--email, calendar, and a web editor called Contribute.Then add the Web 2.0 exercises and Excel and I am just on overload. I have low self-confidence when it comes to info tech in general and this causes me a lot of stress.
I'm not a "digital native." I am hoping this class will help me become more proficient. I wish there would be more demonstration in class of how to use the Office programs and the Web 2.0 stuff. These are not intuitive for me.